January-February 2014

Immersion Blenders: Stick Shift

True to their namesake, immersion blenders are just that: blenders that can be immersed. Unlike countertop blenders or processors, immersion blenders — or “stick blenders” — are designed to be mobile. Constructed with a motorized

January-February 2014

7 Tips for Pairing Oils

Avocado oil makes a beautiful light salad dressing and holds an emulsion well. Pair it with citrus fruits, tomatoes, and chardonnay and champagne vinegars. Grapeseed oil is perfect for dipping and salad dressings. Create a

January-February 2014

Grain Brain

In his new book, Dr. Perlmutter claims that sugar and gluten have a role in everything from chronic headaches and insomnia to depression, epilepsy, ADHD and Alzheimer’s. Billed as a four-week plan to improve brain

Stone Soup

Banana Skillet Bread

My baking must meet some strict criteria. It’s got to be gluten-free because I have celiac disease. And to be more inclusive, it’s often vegan and low-sugar. That’s a tall order! Through trial and error