Stone Soup

Grandma’s Galumpkis

Galumpkis (pronounced “gwumpkis”), also known as stuffed cabbage, are a staple in many Polish households. These are one of the first foods I remember eating as a kid. My Hungarian grandmother made these for her

Student Scoop

Foods to Avoid When Stressed

We’ve all experienced stress symptoms: sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, even headaches and loss of appetite. It’s enough to make you wonder why your mind and body won’t seem to cooperate no matter how many times

Demeyere Smoker
Kitchen Tools

Thank You for Smoking

Product Reviewed: Demeyere Stovetop Smoker Every so often, you notice that a new kitchen tool has changed the way you think about home cooking. Instead of putting it in the pantry and forgetting about it,

Stone Soup

Deviled Eggs 3 Ways

‏Deviled eggs are one of my favorite party appetizer foods, but it’s something I never make for myself. And perhaps that’s what makes them seem so special to me. Since eggs are the epitome of

Stone Soup

The Great Greek Yogurt

As dietitians, we often speak of pantry essentials or foods that should be staples in every kitchen's healthy cooking arsenal. Dry beans, whole grains and nuts usually top that list. What about foods that should