Stone Soup

The Wonders of Watermelon

Watermelon season is upon us, and if you have no clue how to pick a ripe one, don’t feel bad — you’re not alone. It can be intimidating and slightly uncomfortable trying to figure out

Stone Soup

Celebrating National Pickle Month

What do Cleopatra, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth and Amerigo Vespucci have in common? They would all have been enthusiastic celebrants of July’s National Pickle Month. In fact, they would probably celebrate with relish. (See

Stone Soup

Wild Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp tacos are a summertime favorite in my house! This recipe can be made by grilling or sautéing marinated shrimp and assembling tacos with your favorite fixings. Also great for a crowd, there’s something for

July-August 2014

Shake It Up, Buttercup

In commercial creameries, butter making follows a similar process: Heavy cream is separated from whole milk by centrifugal force and churned vigorously until the membrane around milkfat breaks down, letting it emulsify naturally into a