Berry Breakfast Bites

Hearty whole-grain bread is topped with thick siggi’s yogurt, fresh fruit and almonds for a balanced breakfast. This sponsored recipe is brought by siggi’s as part of Food & Nutrition‘s Recipe Roundup program. Click for more

September-October 2016

Buddhify (Version 2.6.4)

Synopsis of the App Buddhify is designed to help users achieve mindfulness and meditate on the go. The app provides a "solo timer" to mediate on your own and more than 80 guided meditation tracks

September-October 2016

Food Monster (Version 1.4.3)

Synopsis of the App With a keen eye on sustainability and protecting animals, Food Monster compiles thousands of vegan recipes in one easy-to-use app. Though 500 free recipes are available, paid subscribers get full access

September-October 2016

Videorama (Version 1.0.2)

Synopsis of the App Use Videorama to transform existing video footage and photos into mini motion pictures. With a variety of fonts, video effects, free images and music, this app is a versatile option with