Stone Soup

Easy Whole Wheat Baguette

January 9, 2014 Carlene Thomas

Baking bread is scary. The first time you attempted to bake yeast bread on your own, you were probably hovering over the oven, opening it too often, letting the heat out and most likely ruining

persimmons on wooden background
Stone Soup

Quick Persimmon Jam

November 19, 2013 Carlene Thomas

Many people think the fall and winter seasons bring boring produce, but there are actually many interesting flavors to explore. Persimmons are a relatively “new to me” fruit. They’re rather odd looking with closely cropped

Stone Soup

Halloween Black Radish Cucumber Salad

October 21, 2013 Carlene Thomas

Naturally black produce with a spooky root tail? I'll take it any day over disgusting food made to resemble severed body parts to celebrate Halloween. When we spotted these black radishes in the store, I

Stone Soup

Pumpkin Spice Dark Hot Chocolate

September 26, 2013 Carlene Thomas

Are you the person who waits for autumn with baited breath in front of your local Starbucks? Does ‘PSL’ mean anything to you? Yes, I’m talking about pumpkin spice lattes and, come late winter, I

Stone Soup

“True Tomato” Sandwich

July 25, 2013 Carlene Thomas

Meet my lunch, every day until tomato season is over. I'm not sure if this is a regional thing, but I have been obsessed with "true tomato" sandwiches for as long as I can remember.

Stone Soup

How to Make Almond Milk at Home

May 7, 2013 Carlene Thomas

If there’s a way to cut the unnecessary ingredients out of my food, I’m going to do it. But when I first heard you can make almond milk at home, I’ll admit I was skeptical.

Stone Soup

Summer-Ready Kiwifruit Cocktail

April 15, 2013 Carlene Thomas

As the weather heats up across the country, thoughts turn to dining al fresco. And, with many outdoor gatherings, cocktails are served…for better or worse! Frozen blended drinks, especially those served by restaurants, can be