Greek dishes on display on a table
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My Global Table: Greece

January 5, 2019 Elena Paravantes

Some of the most vivid childhood memories I have about food are from the summers I spent in Greece. Every day was the same: We spent all morning on the beach, went home, ate, took

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Vegan Greek Pumpkin Pie

November 20, 2015 Elena Paravantes

Looking for vegan Thanksgiving alternatives? Borrow this recipe from Greece. While not typically thought of as a Mediterranean ingredient, pumpkins do have a place in Greek cuisine, mainly in the form of pies. A savory Greek

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Mediterranean Sardine Spread Recipe

January 31, 2013 Elena Paravantes

I love sardines. Grilled, marinated or roasted these are great little fish. Plus, they put me in touch with my heritage. Sardines were one of most common fish eaten in the traditional Greek-Mediterranean diet. Contrary

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Making My Own Olive Oil

December 10, 2012 Elena Paravantes

When November comes along, Greece prepare for the olive harvest. My family doesn’t live on a farm, but we do have olive groves, and every year we take part in this tradition. And we’re not

Spring 2012

The Culinary Culture of Greece

May 7, 2012 Elena Paravantes

Known for one of the healthiest culinary cultures in the world, Greece once served as a model for the Mediterranean diet.  Traditional breakfast was a simple meal, such as herbal tea with dried bread (paximadi)