January-February 2016

Phyll Dondis Ribakoff: Fighting Hunger in Boston

December 18, 2015 Food & Nutrition Magazine

In the Boston area, Phyll Dondis Ribakoff, RD, LDN, is active in the fight against hunger and food insecurity. Working with dietetic interns at Sodexo, she teaches how to reach food-insecure families through nutrition and budgeting education, and inspires them to participate in

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5 Thanksgiving Day Fails

November 20, 2015 Food & Nutrition Magazine

Happy Thanksgiving! Now make sure your day stays happy. Don’t fall prey to any of these food safety fails: 1. Defrosting dilemmas. There are only three safe ways to thaw your turkey – in cold

November-December 2015

7 Tips for Reducing AGEs in Your Food

October 30, 2015 Food & Nutrition Magazine

The best strategies for limiting dietary AGEs are simple, cost-effective and consistent with dietary recommendations for good health. Fill Plates with Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Grains They are naturally low in AGEs, and animal foods are

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November-December 2015

A Bowl for Every Belly

October 30, 2015 Food & Nutrition Magazine

The treetops are turning gold and red, the sun is setting earlier and there’s a crispness in the air. It can only mean one thing: Time to make soup! We’re celebrating one of the world’s

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5 Foods to Avoid Freezing

October 23, 2015 Food & Nutrition Magazine

From leftover soup to half a pepper, you can freeze almost any food. Freezing is a great way to reduce food waste and lower your grocery bill. However, there are some foods that don’t hold