Stone Soup

Pumpkin Burritos

December 17, 2014 Holly Larson

Pumpkin is still in season and is a delicious foundation for many recipes beyond pie! Fresh pumpkin can be roasted in the oven, the slow cooker or even the microwave. Canned pumpkin is also delicious and easily incorporated

Stone Soup

3 ‘Hummus With a Twist’ Recipes

November 5, 2013 Holly Larson

Hummus, that fabulous middle-eastern spread made from chickpeas and tahini is a great dip for raw veggies, whole grain crackers and pita as well as a tasty spread on sandwiches and in wraps. My gripe?

September-October 2013

Redefining Rabbit

August 26, 2013 Holly Larson

Rabbits may be cute, but their rapid reproduction and growth rates, coupled with an ability to thrive on food scraps, grass and other plant feeds, make them a viable protein source with a relatively small environmental

Stone Soup

Cinnamon Roll Dip (Shh…It’s Healthy!)

April 26, 2013 Holly Larson

I firmly believe that healthy food and delicious food are not mutually exclusive — fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and beans, prepared well, are wonderfully filling and satisfying. That's not to say that

Stone Soup

I Like It a Latte! Spice Up Your Morning Mug

April 2, 2013 Holly Larson

If you're trying to cut back on added sugars, sweetened coffee drinks are a great target. Mochas and blended coffee drinks are jam-packed with added sugars, added fats and aren't doing your waistline any favors.

Stone Soup

Make Your Own Veggie Burgers

March 11, 2013 Holly Larson

My sister has been raving about this burger recipe and she and her boyfriend — neither of whom are vegetarian — make it often. It is filling and satisfying. I made is for a few

Stone Soup

A Salty Snack that Won’t Set You Back

February 4, 2013 Holly Larson

Dietitians often focus on eating the rainbow of fruits and vegetables for good variety of nutrients—and this is a great way to have beautiful and nutritious meals. This may lead you to think that cauliflower—which

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Advice for Dietetic Interns

January 8, 2013 Holly Larson

Part of becoming a registered dietitian is the completion of a supervised internship. This is similar to a residency for a physician in that you work for a short period of time in several areas;