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Stone Soup

5 Foods that Fight Diabetes

November 21, 2015 Jodie Shield

When it comes to preventing diabetes, a balanced diet and daily dose of exercise are still important, but what you eat may be the key. Studies have found munching on nutrient-dense whole foods, rather than

March-April 2014

Culinary Tips for Greens

February 24, 2014 Jodie Shield

Peppery arugula stands up to strong flavors but does not overwhelm more delicate vegetables, eggs and pasta. Arugula pairs well with robust Mediterranean flavors. Cabbage adds body and crunch to salads and slaws. Caraway, dill,

January-February 2014

7 Tips for Pairing Oils

December 27, 2013 Jodie Shield

Avocado oil makes a beautiful light salad dressing and holds an emulsion well. Pair it with citrus fruits, tomatoes, and chardonnay and champagne vinegars. Grapeseed oil is perfect for dipping and salad dressings. Create a

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Stone Soup

Should Kids ‘Veg’ Out?

December 17, 2013 Jodie Shield

More kids are saying no to meat and going green — they’re eating vegetables! But is a vegetarian diet OK for kids? If your child wants to become a vegetarian, there’s no need to panic.