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How You Can Build a Smart Snack Schedule

October 21, 2015 Marci Evans

Snacking can support a day of healthful eating — or it can sabotage it! Research suggests that Americans are snacking more than ever, with a recent study indicating that 27 percent of children's total intake for

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Mess-Free Blanching with Silicone Mesh

August 28, 2015 Marci Evans

Product Reviewed: Lékué Cooking Mesh Let me explain what kind of a cook I am. I love great tasting food and on most nights (particularly weeknights) I like it fast. So I rarely utilize a lot

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Journal How You Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle

March 19, 2015 Marci Evans

I love the theme for this year’s National Nutrition Month: “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle.” There’s just something about that verb “bite” that feels very active, intentional and strong. It somehow says to me, “Go

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Putting the “Smooth” in “Smoothie”

July 17, 2014 Marci Evans

Product Reviewed: Dynablend Horsepower Plus  As a dietitian, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been way behind the smoothie bandwagon. Sure, I’ve made smoothies before. But over the past year or so, juicing and blending

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Crack an Egg for Dinner

June 10, 2014 Marci Evans

Did you know May was National Egg Month? I’m excited to write about eggs because I think they are a fabulous food for four distinct reasons: They are packed with nutrition — an excellent source

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Food Addiction: What Does the Research Say?

October 29, 2013 Marci Evans

I’m a chocoholic. I’m addicted to sugar. Once I start eating chips and salsa, I can’t stop. How many times have you heard these and similar sentiments? If you’re like me, then you’ve heard them

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How to Really Tell If You’re Hungry

September 23, 2013 Marci Evans

I talk about hunger a fair amount. Certainly more than the average person since I happen to be a nutrition therapist for a living. And perhaps more than other dietitians because I use an intuitive

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Get Attuned this National Nutrition Month

March 8, 2013 Marci Evans

I was thrilled when the Academy announced this year’s National Nutrition Month theme. To me, “Eat Your Way, Every Day” exemplifies how RDs differ from all of the other health and nutrition coaches out there.