California Almonds

Spiced Apple Almond Cluster

August 31, 2017 Natalie Rizzo

This yummy snack mixes apple chips with chopped almonds, puffed brown rice and warm fall spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s all wrapped up into one little bite with a sweet coating of almond butter and

California Almonds

Chili Lime Roasted Almonds

July 25, 2017 Natalie Rizzo

One of the simplest combinations can be one of the best. This easy roasted almond recipe combines the savory flavors of chili powder, cumin and salt with the tanginess of lime juice and a dash of

January-February 2017

Decoding Food Label Claims: The Lowdown on Package Promises

December 19, 2016 Natalie Rizzo

While browsing supermarket aisles, you may notice food packages bearing various claims. “Low-sodium” and “nonfat” are established terms, but relatively new phrases such as “not bioengineered,” “no antibiotics” and “natural” are appearing on produce, meat,

Lekue Baguette
Kitchen Tools

Fresh Mini Baguettes at Home

September 8, 2016 Natalie Rizzo

Product Reviewed: ​Lékué Perforated Mini Baguette Bread Pan The only thing better than the smell of homemade bread in your kitchen is the taste of fresh, warm baguettes straight from your oven. But making delicious