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I Work from Home — And I Love Being a Preceptor

April 10, 2015 Sally Kuzemchak

April is National Preceptor Month! Preceptors make a difference in the lives of students who are learning to become registered dietitian nutritionists or dietetic technicians, registered by acting as mentors and training the dietetic professionals

Capresso Froth Tec
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Coffee Shop Foam for Homemade Drinks

June 25, 2014 Sally Kuzemchak

Product Reviewed: Capresso froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother A big part of the appeal of those pricey, specialty coffee drinks? The dollop of foamy, frothy milk on top! It gives a pretty and polished finish,

January-February 2014

Cooked Pasta at the Touch of a Button

December 20, 2013 Sally Kuzemchak

Product Reviewed Lékué Pasta Cooker You may be thinking, “Really? Microwaved pasta?” I was too. And the first time I tried the Lekue Pasta Cooker, I ended up with a mountain of mushy, overcooked spaghetti

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Become a Snacktivist

January 15, 2013 Sally Kuzemchak

Today’s kids get about 500 calories a day from snacks, but the big problem is what they’re snacking on. According to researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, children get most of