Carrot Pancakes | Food & Nutrition Magazine | Volume 9, Issue 1
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Carrot Pancakes

January 6, 2020 Tawnie Kroll

Full of nutritious carrots and carrot cake spices, these pancakes are a breakfast treat.

One-Pan Taco Skillet | Food & Nutrition | Stone Soup
Stone Soup

One-Pan Taco Skillet

June 4, 2019 Tawnie Kroll

Mom’s One-Pan Taco Skillet is one of the easiest weeknight meals and a dinner everyone is sure to love! Customize with your favorite beans and cheese.

Parmesan Pesto Over Eggs on a slate serving board
Stone Soup

Parmesan Pesto Over Eggs

August 24, 2018 Tawnie Kroll

This could be a perfect addition for a family brunch or something new for the kids to try — and something the adults will drool over!

Stone Soup

Kohlrabi and Potato Soup

November 17, 2016 Tawnie Kroll

When was the last time you cooked with kohlrabi or parsnips?  Kohlrabi is a funny-looking vegetable, and can be a little intimidating at first glance. But it is also rich in vitamin C and phytochemicals,

Stone Soup

4 Ways to Enjoy Grilled Fruit

August 17, 2016 Tawnie Kroll

Grilling fruit really brings out its natural sweetness. Try a watermelon salad appetizer or swap ice cream for the Grilled Strawberry Banana Pizza below! Grilled Strawberry Banana Dessert Pizza Recipe by Tawnie Kroll, RDN Ingredients

Stone Soup

Explore Spaghetti Squash

May 25, 2016 Tawnie Kroll

If they've never tasted it before, the first thing people usually ask me about spaghetti squash is, "Does it really taste like spaghetti?" To me, the answer is yes: a little like angel hair pasta