Silpat Baking Pan
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Dozens of Uses for This Baking Pan

Product Reviewed: Silpat Entremet I’ve already used the Silpat Entremet silicone baking pan for dozens of uses. I’ve roasted vegetables, baked my Earl Grey tea cookies, and made a mahogany butter crunch toffee in it.

Woman reading pizza recipe in culinary book at home
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Anatomy of a Recipe

I don’t really have a hard time writing down recipes as I’m cooking. Because I’ve been reading cookbooks like novels for a long time, recipe writing comes naturally to me. I get an idea, write

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Pumpkin Almond Bread

I’m in a pumpkin mood today! It must be that fall is here. I came across a recipe for Pumpkin-Cranberry Muffins from Cooking Light and changed it to fit what I had in the kitchen. I also

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How to Serve Toddlers

Feeding your toddler really could be a full-time job. You want him or her to get all their nutrients and eat a variety of food groups, while limiting processed foods. Combine that with the toddler's