California Almonds

Chipotle Lime Almond Crackers

September 14, 2017 Zachari Breeding

These crackers make a great accompaniment to any cheese or dip, including guacamole or hummus. Ground almonds are mixed with citrus and a kick of spice to bring a twist on getting healthy fats in the

California Almonds

Caponata with Toasted Almonds

August 8, 2017 Zachari Breeding

This flavorful eggplant dish can be served as an appetizer with crusty bread or as a topping to your favorite protein. Toasted slivered almonds add an enhanced flavor that brings out the natural sweetness in the

Kitchen Tools

A Kitchen Scale That Pulls Its Weight

February 14, 2017 Zachari Breeding

Product reviewed: EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale I have never been one to reach for a scale when I cook. As a restaurant chef, a pinch of this and a dollop of that was the tried-and-true

Stone Soup

Blood Orange Granita

September 2, 2016 Zachari Breeding

"Granita" is a Sicilian-style frozen dessert made from water, sugar and other flavorings. Some classic flavors include citrus fruit, coffee, jasmine, almond extract and mint. Granita's texture is smooth, but pieces of ice can be found

Stone Soup

The Health Risks of Eating Disorders

February 23, 2016 Zachari Breeding

While it tends to be one of the least discussed topics in food and nutrition, in reality, millions of Americans are impacted by eating disorders. Eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating