3 Ways to Celebrate Food Day

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Recently, I was invited by the local elementary school where I teach nutrition classes to join their Food Day celebration.

“Food Day?” I thought. “Who wouldn’t love a day devoted to food?”

But, Food Day is so much bigger than that! This Saturday — Oct. 24, 2015 — marks the fifth anniversary of Food Day, a celebration created to inspire Americans to change their diets, raise awareness of health and nutrition issues, address national food policies, and encourage community action to promote healthy food.

I love food, but I love educating and inspiring people on the importance of eating right even more. For me, Food Day will be a celebration with my community. On this Food Day, here are three ways to celebrate and get involved.

Celebrate Food

Food is truly amazing. We all know that. So make your next grocery shopping trip more exploratory by asking each member of your family to choose a new fruit or vegetable to try. Plan meals to include these new foods, and use them to spark great conversations about what you’re eating. Your dinner table will be full of food, conversation and giggles.

Celebrate the People Who Grow and Harvest Local Foods

Local farmers are all around us: in farmers markets, grocery stores, schools and restaurants. When you choose to buy local, you are supporting members of your community. Learn more about farm-to-school initiatives in your area from the National Farm to School Network. When you dine out, try restaurants that serve local foods and support farmers. Or, celebrate your own green thumb by grabbing a pot, some dirt and seeds, and grow your own food. Fresh herbs are a tasty way to start.

Celebrate Cooking

There is nothing like preparing a meal with your own two hands. This is one reason I like to teach kids about nutrition. Cooking at home is a great way to get your family interested in trying new healthy foods. Prepare meals at home and you can decrease calorie consumption, reduce stress and save money.

This Saturday, join the celebration of food, farmers and cooking. Happy Food Day to all!


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