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Product reviewed: Black+Decker Quiet Blender with Cyclone Glass Jar 

I don’t have confidence that a regular blender works well, and I rarely use one. I often use an immersion blender for smoothies and a food processor for cooking tasks. Because I am a bit blender-phobic, I was excited to see what the Black+Decker Quiet Blender with Cyclone Glass Jar could do.

This blender has an attractive silver base, and its glass container is very clear. The lid has a pour spout and ingredient slot so you can easily add food or liquids and pour out the contents. The blender also comes with a 24-ounce plastic tumbler, which can be used on the blender.A Smooth and Stylish Blender -

Simple to use, the Black+Decker Quiet Blender has three speeds, a pulse function and settings for icy drinks, shakes and smoothies. Usually, I use the smoothie setting; it easily blends fresh bananas and berries, ice chips and liquids. First, there are a few bursts to crush the ice, and then a longer and lower blending. The directions caution not to blend for more than 30 seconds.

I used this blender for muffin batter with beans, and the beans had a very smooth texture. Using the blender worked much better than a food processor for this recipe. I also tested the blender with pineapple, which was pretty firm, and was pleasantly surprised that it blended the fruit to a creamy consistency. Lastly, I tried the blender for a smoothie containing rolled oats. It worked, but there were still very small pieces of oats.

The tumbler jar is a unique idea for a portable smoothie. However, I find the 24-ounce size is too large for a smoothie for one person and it is easier to make a smoothie in the main blender jar and pour it into an insulated travel cup.

This appliance may be quieter than other blenders, but it is not super quiet and will, in fact, wake up others who are sleeping. The parts can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand for quick cleanup.

I really like the Black+Decker Quiet Blender with Cyclone Glass Jar. It creates a product with a smooth consistency and is attractive enough to leave out on the counter. It is convenient to use for creating healthy drinks to add a variety of fruits and vegetables to your day.

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