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Product reviewed: Bamboozle Prep ’n Serve Tray Set

If you are like me, you might have aging sheet pans in your kitchen that were passed down from your parents or grandparents. I hold onto them because I never have enough sheet pans for food prep, meals, baking, grilling or preparing for a media segment. That’s why I am thrilled to add a new pan to mix.A Sustainable and Stackable Serving Set -

The Bamboozle Prep ’n Serve Tray Set caught my eye because of its versatility and stackable components, including a large tray with a lip for easy carrying, medium tray with a tool rest and six 14-ounce cups. All the components are different colors and are much more fun than standard sheet pans.

When I opened the box, I was impressed by the products being lightweight but surprisingly sturdy. After a quick wash, I was ready to use the set for an upcoming media segment on mocktails. I used the medium tray for garnishes, and the tool rest was handy for a mixing spoon. I used the serving cups for different mixers. The segment was a breeze!

The following weekend, I used the Prep ’n Serve Set for a party to serve a variety of nibbles to my guests. I was able to separate the sweet from the savory foods, and the cups added an element of depth to enhance the visual appeal of the spread. I liked that I could easily separate the medium tray from the large tray to pass around to guests. The other thing I really love about this product is the sustainability aspect. The trays and cups are made from Astrik, a 100% plant-based composite that is renewable, biodegradable, emits less CO2 than traditional oil-based plastics and is dishwasher safe. The paper packaging is all recyclable, and the padding material is made from cornstarch. To dispose of it, simply submerge it in water and it melts. Mind blown!

After using the Bamboozle Prep ’n Serve Tray Set at least five times, I willingly retired a few of my tired sheet pans. It makes my time in the kitchen more efficient, and I feel good about decreasing my carbon footprint.

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