How You Can Build a Smart Snack Schedule

bhofack2/ iStock / Getty Images Plus
bhofack2/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

Snacking can support a day of healthful eating — or it can sabotage it!

Research suggests that Americans are snacking more than ever, with a recent study indicating that 27 percent of children’s total intake for a day comes from snacks. And, according to NHANES data, adults consume an average of 400 to 600 calories a day from snacks.

Given these data, it is important to understand the basics of building healthy snacks that support physical, mental and emotional health. In the video blog below, I provide practical tips about snacking smarts.



What tips do you share with clients or use yourself when it comes to snacking? Share your ideas in the comments section.


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Marci Evans
Marci Evans, MS, CEDRD-S, counsels clients and manages her group practice in Cambridge, MA. She also brings her passion and skill in the eating disorders field to students, interns and clinicians with online trainings and clinical supervision. Connect with her at and all social media outlets @marciRD.