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Product reviewed: Lékué Bagels x6

I was interested when I heard about this product because I had never thought to make bagels from scratch at home. Also, I was looking forward to learning more about the process of making bagels, which I was really not that familiar with. Like anything that is homemade, it is easier to control what ingredients are used and have some fun adding in extras.

This Lékué homemade bagel maker comes with six silicone molds that help to shape the perfect bagel. There also was an instruction book included to help get started and a few different recipes to try.

The first instruction before getting started was to wash the molds thoroughly and then grease them prior to using to make for easy clean up. There are a few different steps to making bagels that the instruction book covers. The ingredients needed to be mixed together and then the dough left to stand while covered with a cloth. The booklet’s recipes included options for a basic bagel with suggestions of toppings such as quinoa, oats, semolina, etc. It also had a recipe for adding spinach to your bagels — making them green — and another for adding dried tomatoes and beetroot to your bagels — giving them a reddish tint.

I chose the basic bagel recipe to get started. Once the dough had been left to stand, the next step was to divide it into six balls and then press each ball over the mold to give it the bagel shape. After that the bagels are boiled and baked. It was easy to transfer the bagels to the pot of boiling water and then the oven on the molds. The bagels turned out well and the molds did a good job of giving them the classic bagel shape.

This is a fun and interesting product that made homemade bagels easy. Easy Homemade Bagels - I look forward to trying it again and experimenting with a few different recipes.

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