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Product reviewed: JK Adams Vermont Country Grill Stone 

Living in Arizona, my grill gets year-round use, so I was thrilled to receive the JK Adams Vermont Country Grill Stone to review. Made from basalt rock, this grill stone has small volcanic pores. I expected it to be very lightweight, but it’s surprisingly heavy and sturdy. It covers enough of the grill to hold a large piece of fish or several skewers. Two stones would cover most of an average-size gas grill.

I grill fish and vegetables often, and my biggest challenges are preventing the fish from falling apart or sticking to the grill and keeping asparagus spears from falling through the grill grates. No more worries, thanks to this grill stone! I made salmon that cooked perfectly and stayed moist, with absolutely no burnt bottom or sticking. And no more lost asparagus. I also tried this grill stone to make chicken, which worked equally well and produced super-moist chicken breasts.

Just like the grill, you do have to oil the stone before grilling fish or meat. Once the stone is brushed or sprayed with oil, it has a great nonstick quality. The volcanic pores allow the stone to heat up quickly and evenly. Because food isn’t sitting right on top of the flame, it’s more moist — and healthier for you.A Game Changing Grill Stone - The best part of this stone is that it’s self-cleaning, meaning no more scrubbing the grill. When you’re ready to grill again, flip the stone over and any remaining food or oil will cook right off.

I highly recommend the JK Adams Vermont Country Grill Stone for anyone who wants to enjoy healthier and tastier grilled fish, meats or vegetables — with no cleanup required.

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