Kitchen Hack: Magically Extend Shelf-Life of Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are delicious and nutritious, but there is one major problem: They often spoil too quickly. If leafy greens are sold in a large bag or box, they can become wilted and slimy by the time you make a dent in the package.

Wasting food is a serious problem in the United States, so use this kitchen hack to extend the shelf-life of all greens from arugula to spinach.  You will help the environment by reducing food waste and save money on your grocery bill.

How to extend shelf-life of leafy greens:

  • After opening the package, place a dry paper towel in the bag or on top of the salad greens. The paper towel will absorb some of the moisture, noticeably extending the shelf-life of the leafy greens.
  • Wash leafy greens before using, not before storing. If you wash leafy greens before storing, you can potentially promote bacterial growth and enhance spoilage. 
  • Store the greens in a refrigerator that is at or below 40°F for three to seven days.
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