Local Food in the Las Vegas Desert

We live in the desert, but if you ask many of my fellow Las Vegans what they think of as fall foods, the answers is going to be acorn squash, gala apples and a lot of root vegetables. You see, so many of us flocked here from the Midwest. With this in mind, shopping for seasonal food in Las Vegas can be a conundrum. We have two great options to support our local economy while eating locally and seasonally. The first option is the Vegas Roots Community Garden, Las Vegas’ premier and sole urban garden. The second option is to visit one of the many farmers markets offered around the Valley.

Vegas Roots Community Garden broke ground in March in 2010. It takes an active role in the community by growing fresh food and fostering opportunities for new food community leaders to collaborate. Their mission is to “create a caring and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to build a sustainable food system and eco-friendly environment.” They are achieving their mission by growing organic produce and flowers, and educating the community about healthy lifestyles.

The education aspect is done through three main programs: “Build a Better…,” H.E.A.R.T, and “Farm 2 School.” Their latest endeavor will be launched this November with Marketplace at The Roots. In addition to the marketplace, you can adopt a plot to grow food for your family and/or donate produce to aid in feeding our community.

For being in the middle of the desert, we certainly have an abundance of offerings of fruits, vegetables and other exciting products from farmers markets in Las Vegas! With the variety of staging locations for in the Valley, there is never an excuse to not purchase from our local vendors. In fact, Monday is the only day there are no farmers markets available (everyone deserves a day off!). It’s actually a great way to spend some non-casino time on your next Vegas visit—check-out the Downtown 3rd Farmers Market. It is on Casino Center Boulevard right off of Fremont Street. So, stay at any of the fine establishments in Old Vegas and buy some fresh produce!

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Crystal Petrello
Crystal Petrello, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the founder of PartyRightLife.com. Follow her on Twitter.