Meal Prep Made Easy in the Salad Maker by Kuhn Rikon

Meal Prep Made Easy in the Salad Maker by Kuhn Rikon - Food & Nutrition Magazine - Stone Soup
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Product reviewed: Kuhn Rikon Salad Maker

I love all-in-one items because they save time and space — and keep things simple. The Kuhn Rikon Salad Maker does just that. It has a cutting board that also serves as a lid, a colander for rinsing (and cutting, too) and a clear container to store leafy greens and salad mix-ins until I’m ready to eat. The clear container design is handy, so you won’t forget to eat greens before they wilt.

The multi-purpose Salad Maker can make meal prep a cinch. When I used a small pairing or serrated knife, I found I could adequately chop crunchy vegetables such as mini bell peppers. However, the lid/cutting board is a bit small, flimsy and not as ergonomic as I had expected. The lid is not tight fitting, nor is it rubber sealed. (I’m used to storing pre-made salads in clear Tupperware with rubber sealed lids.) I’ve found that as long as I eat the salad the next day, this all-in-one tool does the trick.

While I can rinse my greens in the colander and slice them directly through the slits to make bite-sized greens, I prefer to tear lettuce by hand and use a salad spinner to rinse and remove all the water — drier lettuce helps salad dressing stay on the leaves for better distribution of flavor. But I do find the Salad Maker’s clear bowl design to be visually appealing and a useful serving vessel. Plus, I can eat straight out of the bowl to lighten my load of dishes.

If you like kitchen gadgets, the Salad Mixer may be ideal for you. It takes up little counter, cupboard and refrigerator space and offers a variety of uses, from rinsing and chopping to storing and serving. Great for home or the office, it’s small enough to fit in the fridge and all its components are nested together for easy storage.

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