A Perfect Colander for Everyday Use

Empty stainless steel colander on marble countertop
Photo: Julie Andrews, MS, RD, CD, CC

Product Reviewed: Raishi Stainless Steel Colander

A new, shiny colander may not seem like the most exciting kitchen tool, but think about how often you use one. I own several, and use at least one of them every day and because of that, I’m pumped about the Raishi Stainless Steel Colander.

The Raishi Stainless Steel Colander is made of sturdy metal with a couple-inch stand at the base and handles on both sides. There are clusters of holes throughout the sides and a cluster of holes at the base. It’s one piece and requires no assembly and is dishwasher safe (bonus!).

Because the colander is made of stainless steel, I can use it to strain hot food such as pasta straight from a boiling pot of water or crisp broccoli out of the steamer without melting plastic. The stand at the base keeps liquid from backing up into it and the sturdy handles on both sides are an added safety feature. The holes are the perfect size so spaghetti doesn’t run through and down the drain. It can hold 5 quarts, so it can do any job yet fits nicely in my cupboard.

Some people use colanders daily for washing produce, straining pasta and rinsing beans, and because this can be used for hot and cold food, it’s the perfect colander for everyday use. I used it to make butternut squash spaghetti carbonara (well, not to make it, but to strain the spaghetti) and it worked perfectly. No spaghetti in the sink! I rinsed it off, tossed it in the dishwasher and it came out sparkling and good as new. I wouldn’t change a thing about it; in fact, I can toss my three plastic strainers that are falling apart in exchange for this one. Raishi has a money back guarantee, so if anything happens to the colander, they will exchange it for a new one.

I’d absolutely recommend this colander for a friend, family member or client. A Perfect Colander for Everyday Use - I particularly love this colander because it makes washing produce and rinsing beans easy, which will hopefully translate into eating more produce and beans! Or maybe it’s an excuse to eat more spaghetti.

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Julie Andrews
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