Perfect, No-Mess Pancakes

Product reviewed: Whiskware Batter Mixer

Saturday mornings were meant for pancakes in my family. Now that my daughter is 10, she’s adept at flipping pancakes, but still makes a huge mess when mixing and pouring the batter. That’s why I was intrigued by the promise of “pancakes with no accidental spills” from Whiskware’s Batter Mixer. I hoped it would be a kid-friendly tool.

How It Works

The Batter Mixer allows you to prep, mix and pour pancake batter with an all-in-one tool. Like many of Whiskware’s products, the bottle-shaped container holds a whisk-style stainless steel BlenderBall®. You simply add pancake ingredients to the bottle, shake so the BlenderBall® can mix the ingredients together, then pour perfectly round pancakes on your pan. The bottle is BPA- and phthalate-free, and the pouring spout is made from soft silicone, which helps dispense batter with a good degree of control.

Our Kitchen Tool Experience

I tested this product with my daughter and let her do most of the work. Our first thought when we saw the tool was, “How are we going to get a cupful of spelt flour into that small 2-inch top opening?” But Whiskware thought of that! The bottle inverts and the bottom lid comes off, leaving a large 4-inch space to add your ingredients. Even better — the bottle balances on the top base lid, so it stays steady as you add your ingredients.

Once we secured the bottom, we flipped the bottle and gave a vigorous shake. As promised, the BlenderBall® evenly whisked all of our ingredients together, and we were pleased to see it left no lumps. With our hot pan at the ready, we were eager to test the “no accidental spills” claim by pouring pancakes. No spills? Not exactly. It was messy to start, because it took a few tries to master the batter flow and figure out the right amount of “squeeze” to apply when dispensing batter. But once we did, there were no more dribbles or spills. My daughter was able to create perfect, evenly sized round pancakes with no mess. Totally kid-friendly! The Batter Mixer would also be handy for filling all those nooks and crannies in a waffle maker.

Cleanup was easy. We added soap and water, gave another shake, and rinsed it clean. The tool also is dishwasher safe, but it wasn’t necessary. Once dry, the five-piece bottle gets put back together for easy storage and no lost parts.

Thumbs Up

Pancakes are already an easy-to-make staple, and this tool makes them even easier. If you prep pancakes often and hate the mess, the Whiskware Batter Mixer is the answer.  There are no messy bowls, whisks and spoons to clean, no spills to wipe up, and your pancakes will be evenly sized and perfectly round.

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