Ready… Set… Walk!

Spring is here and if you have not already purchased a new pair of running shoes, what are you waiting for?! Think of them as part of your equipment for a brand new start to a healthy summer season. Next, find low-mileage walks or "runs" for charity in your area. Every community has great causes to hit the road for, whether it's the local cancer society, children’s hospital or community group. Raising money by walking for a cause helps someone in need while helping your health at the same time.
The latest research on walking shows just how much it can help you. A UCLA research study found that people who take long leisurely walks do just as well as those who hit the gym for shorter, more intensive exercise. The reason is time not necessarily intensity. The longer you are on your feet — and not sitting in a chair — the better your health. Staying on your feet was found to be related to good control of your blood sugar and reduced risk of pre-diabetes and diabetes.
It is amazing what a new pair of sneakers can do for your health! When you find a cause that suits you sign up and celebrate. Better yet sign up for them all. You will meet new friends and the charities will appreciate your participation and donation. I recently went to a lecture where the speaker said, “I did well, but now I mean to do good.” I think she meant that doing good for someone else is the best medicine.
I couldn't agree more.

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