Saucepan Gets High Marks for Style and Functionality

Lagostina Rossella Red Ceramic and Stainless Steel 1.6 Qt. Covered Saucepan with tomato sauce, wooden spoon next to a plate of pasta on a white marble countertop with fresh basil leaves nearby
Photo: Sarah Pflugradt, MS, RDN

Product reviewed: Lagostina Rossella Red Ceramic and Stainless Steel 1.6 Qt. Covered Saucepan

Regardless of your cooking ability, just about everyone has and needs a saucepan. I’m a “buy in sets” girl when it comes to cookware. Every essentials cookware set comes with a saucepan. Are they the greatest? Maybe not, but they all match. I was so excited to try this saucepan because perhaps buying individual high-quality pieces with a focus on performance may end up being more advantageous in the long run.

At first glance, the saucepan is beautiful. It is made in Italy and features a three-layer stainless steel base with an aluminum core. The outside is covered in red ceramic. These features enable fast and even cooking on any stove surface.

I used the saucepan in three ways: to make oatmeal, boil eggs and make a simple tomato sauce. I’m a fan of any pan where food doesn’t stick and this one outperformed my non-stick expectations. The saucepan was stick-free with every stir and cleaned up beautifully with soap and water. When making hard-boiled eggs, I like to turn off the heat after boiling and let the eggs finish cooking with the lid on. The lid gave a tight seal and kept the water hot for 30 minutes after I turned off the heat. The handle design is very comfortable and is shaped to make it easier to carry without slipping with a wide grip. This would be perfect for an older adult who may not be able to grip a smaller diameter handle.

As an adult, I love the weight of the pan, but it was too heavy for my 10-year-old to carry with one hand. Also, the handle gets warm with extended heat, so safety is important.

I would definitely recommend this saucepan to friends and clients.  It is stylish enough to go from stove to table for family-style service and, because of its size, is a perfect kitchen tool for a single adult or couple looking for a pan that can serve many functions, from boiling eggs to reheating leftovers or soups to making a simple sauce or reduction. There are pots and pans from my sets that I never use, so perhaps it doesn’t make sense to buy an entire set all at once. I like the idea of finding high-performing individual pieces that I will use over and over again — like this one.

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