Smooth(ie) and Easy: Loving the Omega Blender

Omega OM7560S 3HP Blender surrounded by fruit and veggies
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Product reviewed: Omega OM7560S 3HP Blender

I’ve had a high-powered blender for 10 years, and I was really curious and excited to see how the Omega line would compare. Of course blenders are functional — especially for smoothie aficionados and people with digestion problems — but I also can make all sorts of fun foods, from creamy soups to silky smooth drinks and luscious desserts, in a high-powered blender.

The Omega OM7560S 3HP blender is a top-of-the-line machine that includes variable speeds, a timer and an infinity control feature, which oscillates the blade speed up and down to force ingredients into the blades. The machine itself is straightforward and easy to use, which I really appreciated. I didn’t even need to read the manual to figure out how it works and the few switches were quite intuitive: start, stop, pulse and dials for time and intensity. Easy peasy.

I decided to give the blender a thorough workout, making a fruit smoothie, a carrot pineapple smoothie including the pineapple core (hello, bromelain!), nut milk and even a macadamia-based lemon mousse tart for my birthday.

I was impressed. Everything blended more quickly than I expected. Any blender can handle fruit, but most can’t give the silky, smooth texture needed for a good veggie smoothie or for a decadent mousse. I was definitely pleased with how easy it was making the smoothies Smooth(ie) and Easy: Loving the Omega Blender - — the pineapple core was blended to a smooth texture within minutes.

The feature I enjoyed most was the timer. Often it takes a while to blend soup or smoothies, especially when using a lot of fibrous veggies, and blenders can be pretty loud. With the timer, I could leave the room and not need to worry about switching off the blender.

Cleanup was easy with this appliance, which I consider a big plus. Also, unlike my other blender, the plunger attachment is only needed for thicker foods such as nut butters, so that was one less thing to clean.

My only minor complaint is that the pitcher doesn’t have a spout. It’s fine for pouring into a glass to drink, but when I was making yogurt and pouring into cups with small lids, pouring was more challenging.

Overall, I enjoyed using this blender and definitely will recommend this to clients. Obviously, this is an easy win for clients who want a quick veggie smoothie in the morning. As a digestive RD, I also would recommend this to my clients who benefit from blended foods, such as people with gastroparesis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, people with obstructions, resections, etc.

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