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Being accepted into a dietetic internship can mean relocating to a new city and sometimes a new state. This can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Here are three tips to help you adjust to a new place as a dietetic intern.1,200 Hours 1,200 Miles Away -

Find those you connect with

Your fellow interns will become your close friends as you go through similar experiences of assignments and rotations together. In addition to forming friendships with fellow interns, seek out others you can connect with. Whether it is finding a church family or joining a gym, connecting with other people will help you feel more at home.

Trust where you came from

Remember that each undergraduate dietetics program has different strengths. You may be an expert in food service while a fellow intern may have strong medical nutrition therapy knowledge. Likewise, the institution you are completing your internship at may have a slightly different approach to classes than you experienced in your undergrad or have used different textbooks. It is very possible your fellow interns are alumni of the institution the internship is through. There will be times they have the advantage of already knowing the professors and how things work. It is important to trust where you came from and trust that you know enough! There will be times you feel you do not, but trust that your undergrad program has prepared you for the internship, because it has!


While being a dietetic intern is demanding, remember to make time to explore. You may only be in that city for nine or so months while you complete the internship. Take advantage of the weekends to explore local scenery, restaurants and activities. Take advantage of your preceptors’ and professors’ knowledge by asking what they recommend doing while in the area. Internships are not only about studying; it is a chance to have some fun as well!

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Melissa Hartley is a dietetic intern at Missouri State University. She completed her undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Melissa is from Alberta, Canada and enjoys living in new places.