3 Ways to Get Involved and Stand Out

3 Ways to Get Involved and Stand Out | Food & Nutrition | Student Scoop
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Getting accepted to a dietetic internship program is a constant goal sitting at the back of the minds of dietetic students everywhere. From trying to boost your GPA to being active on campus, it can be hard to manage building a strong application while trying to focus on your education! Here are some easy and actionable ways for you to get involved and stand out on your internship applications. 3 Ways to Get Involved and Stand Out -(Already matched to an internship? These three tips are also great ways to stand out on job applications too!)

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

It’s important to leverage your social media to convey your professionalism, involvement, interests and expertise. First and foremost, when using social media, make sure you are always professional. This means avoid bad-mouthing people, programs, teachers and employers. Another way to leverage social media is by posting and discussing relevant, evidenced-based articles. Doing this shows that you are active in the dietetics community and able to think critically about current topics.

Be Active with Your Academy Membership

I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to be a member of the Academy! Not only does membership convey your commitment to the profession, but it offers you many ways to get involved.

  • Become a Student Liaison
    Being an Academy Student Liaison will further show your dedication to the profession and the Academy. As a Student Liaison you are provided access to materials that help promote the profession and to a community of other Student Liaisons nationwide. Connection to this community is invaluable, inspiring and extremely helpful.
  • Join ANDPAC as a Student Representative
    Demonstrate your leadership skills by helping the Academy advance their public policy priorities and legislative agenda. Becoming an ANDPAC Student Representative also allows you to serve a short term on the Student Advisory Committee — another great way to demonstrate your leadership abilities.
  • Write for the Student Scoop e-Newsletter
    Contributing to the Student Scoop e-Newsletter shows your ability to research, learn and discuss relevant information. It also helps get your name out there!

Join a Dietetic Practice Group

Getting involved in DPGs is so beneficial to students. Especially if you have specific interests in the dietetics field. Not only does membership provide you access to webinars that provide tons of opportunities for extracurricular learning, but many DPGs also offer mentoring services, awards and opportunities to serve as student representatives. All of which will help demonstrate your interests and make you a well-rounded professional.

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