ANDPAC: What It Is and How to Get Involved

ANDPAC: What It Is and How to Get Involved
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ANDPAC is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Political Action Committee. A political action committee is a group that collects contributions from its members and uses the pooled funds to support political candidates. The Academy’s PAC is the only political action committee broadly focused on food, nutrition and health, supporting pro-nutrition candidates for federal office. Academy member contributions to ANDPAC are used directly to support candidates for federal congressional office in support of the Academy’s mission, vision and public policy priorities. ANDPAC is non-partisan and is not a “single issue” political action committee. It exists to advance the public policy priorities of the Academy. PAC contributions open doors and it is up to all of us to develop and maintain relationships.

3 Ways to Support ANDPAC


There is no donation that is too small. As students, we have tight budgets but even a $5 or $10 donation can make an impact. Just a $25 donation makes you a Student Star Donor! You can donate directly to the PAC online and through mail or donate when you renew your Academy dues. While a donation is a good place to start, there are other ways to donate your time to ANDPAC.

Represent ANDPAC at an Affiliate Meeting

Academy members in numerous states have put together tables or booths at their affiliate meeting to distribute information, accept member contributions and talk to fellow Academy members about the importance of getting involved in ANDPAC. If you would like to assist your affiliate with running an ANDPAC booth, reach out to your state’s Public Policy Coordinator who can be found in the Academy Leadership Directory.

Attend a Fundraiser

To attend a fundraiser for your member of Congress, go to their campaign website and find the contact information for their campaign office. Reach out to the local campaign team directly by giving them a phone call or by emailing their campaign staff to request more information about local events. If you know of an upcoming local fundraiser you’d like to attend, download and submit the new ANDPAC Contribution Request form. Note that each request must go through your state’s Public Policy Coordinator for approval. To find your state’s PPC, look in the Academy Leadership Directory. Attending a fundraiser with your PPC is a great way to network with your legislators and support nutrition policy initiatives.

If nutrition is your profession, policy should be your passion! ANDPAC: What It Is and How to Get Involved - Support ANDPAC through donations or your time and take action to support nutrition policy.

Emma Slattery
Emma Slattery is a dietetic intern with Virginia Tech in their Northern Virginia location. She graduated from the University of Maryland in 2018 and hopes to share her passions for food and nutrition during her internship this year.