Becoming Confidently Confident

Becoming Confidently Confident
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Do you ever feel like you’re holding yourself back from making your dreams a reality? This lack of self-confidence can be a hurdle that keeps us from growth. However, this hurdle doesn’t have to stand in the way. We can choose self-confidence. Here are 10 tips for becoming more confident.Becoming Confidently Confident -

Put yourself in situations where you can practice confidence

Think back to when you had to perform or get in front of a group. Each time you did it, you gained more confidence. So pick an area of opportunity and practice it! Perform music, enter an art contest or practice by interviewing for a job you’re interested in.

Share your strengths and passions

At times, we don’t want to seem prideful and tend to hold back even when we may be good at something. Be confident in those areas! You have reason to be. Go share your successes and strengths with your close friends and family.

Look in the mirror, smile and repeat a confidence chant

This chant is as simple as “I am strong. I am confident. I am motivational. I am a nutrition expert.” Whether you think you are one of those descriptors or not, make your brain believe your words!

Keep good posture

Not only does it make you look confident, but you feel more confident. Same goes with not folding your arms, keeping good eye contact and speaking confidently.

Write a gratitude journal

Keeping a list (it doesn’t need to be extensive) of good things that happened or things that made you happy can help you feel better. And happy people are confident people!

Talk about it

Talk with someone you trust about your high points, your low points and how you could have acted more confidently in those situations.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When you don’t know something, don’t hesitate to ask questions (with confidence). It is better to ask a question with confidence than to make a mistake with embarrassment.

Steer away from confidence-crushing vocabulary

There are words that scream that we are lacking confidence. Think of the filler words such as “just,” “um,” “so,” “like,” “uh,” etc. Take out those fillers and your words will sound more confident.

Eat well and exercise

When you eat and exercise in ways that feel good, you feel more confident. This can inspire others to live healthfully, too!

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Britney Giles is a senior at Arizona State University’s undergraduate DPD program. She currently works as the Nutrition Coordinator for a local private practice. She is aspiring to one day become a registered dietitian nutritionist focusing on body image and young athlete nutrition. You can find Britney training for marathons, studying, typing away, or spending time outdoors (with food, of course) with her husband.