Embracing Imperfection Allows Opportunity for Growth

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As dietetic students, many of us strive for perfection: perfect grades, perfect resumes, perfect dietetic internship applications. I know I did. We work hard on these tasks and when we finally perfect the case study, assignment or project, we feel satisfied, confident and successful. The problem is, while we strive for perfection in our work and within ourselves, we sometimes are simultaneously developing a fear that is so powerful it can keep us from developing into the best versions of ourselves. This fear is the fear of being less than perfect — the fear of imperfection.

One major issue with perfectionism is that it is limiting. It holds us back from doing the things we are passionate about because we would rather do nothing than be less than perfect. A year ago, I contemplated not applying for a dietetic internship because I felt my application wasn’t perfect. I was hesitant to submit it because of my fear of disappointment and failure. I feared imperfection so much that I almost let it hold me back from following my dreams.

My advice to you is to embrace a little hectic imperfection every now and then! You might come up short, or even fail a few times, and that is OK. These moments allow you to grow, improve and move confidently forward toward your dreams.

Always remember that your “imperfections” make you unique and authentic. Embracing Imperfection Allows Opportunity for Growth - Embrace them with confidence, because if you wait around for perfection, you may never move forward at all.

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Abigail Rose
Abigail Rose is a dietetic intern completing the Missouri State University Dietetic Internship in Springfield. Before starting her internship, she obtained her dietetics bachelor’s degree, from Fontbonne University in St. Louis. When she’s not studying for her RD exam, Abigail enjoys cooking, gardening and learning new ways to make her dietetics practice more environmentally friendly. Connect with her on LinkedIn.