How to Make Your Social Media Presence More Professional

If, like me, you have been using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter since their creation, you’ve probably done your share of “oversharing.” As you look to the future and want to transition to a more professional online presence, now is the time to edit your social media.

Facebook and Twitter

Arguably the most popular social media sites in use today, Facebook and Twitter are where potential employers are most likely to check up on you. While some users choose to keep their accounts for private use (accessible only to family and friends), Facebook and Twitter are excellent ways to engage professionally.

If you would like to maintain a professional presence on Facebook and Twitter, there a few options to transition your personal account into your professional life. Facebook has a feature that allows you to choose your audience by applying certain filters to current, future and all past posts. Facebook users also have the option to create a separate page directly from the account menu, allowing you to work as an administrator from your personal Facebook account while posting directly onto your newly created page.

If you have used a Twitter account in the past and want to make the transition to professional, I suggest starting from scratch and creating a new account specifically for professional use. Not only will this will help you build your online presence, it also will allow you to network with people in the profession. Hashtags and Twitter chats are great for connecting and engaging with others and getting your name out.

The most important thing to keep in mind when using either of these platforms is to know your audience and post relevant material. It’s also important to remember that being professional on social media doesn’t mean you have to be dry and boring — be yourself, but find the appropriate balance.


Use of visual apps such as Instagram has increased dramatically over the past few years. If you’re on Instagram, the good news is that making your account look professional is an easy process. Start by deleting anything you find embarrassing. Then, build a library relevant to your career and interests.

Like Twitter, Instagram utilizes hashtags to allow users to find relevant material, so search and use hashtags in your posts to build a following and network with others in the field. Instagram is a great way to show everyone what you do and how you do it. Use your photos to catch someone’s eye and draw them in. People can get a pretty good idea of who are just by looking at a few photos. Choose wisely!


This live broadcasting app gives users real-time access to those who are broadcasting. As with other platforms, hashtags make it easy for users to find and connect with others. Once you begin a broadcast, you are able to talk directly to viewers either in private broadcasts or public broadcasts, while they can leave comments and questions during your live stream. This is a great tool for professional use because you can host live discussions with other professionals or clients. The app has become increasingly popular in recent months, so it is a great idea to join and build your presence now.

Social media is here to stay and it is important to make sure you use your accounts to showcase yourself. Transitioning from personal to professional use is key for success in the future. Your professional social media presence allows you to stand out and network, giving you an advantage in the field.

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EJ Otto
EJ Otto is a graduate of LaSalle University with a BSN in Nutrition, and an Ingredient Regulatory Technical Writer for Campbell's Soup Company.