Agenda (iOS Version 12.0)

Agenda (iOS Version 12.0) -Synopsis: Agenda is a date-focused note-taking app for planning and documenting projects.

Price and Platform: Free plus premium option. iOS only.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Clean, functional and user-friendly design.
  • Agenda uses a timeline approach to let you tie a note to an event already on your calendar or attach a date to each note you create.
  • Build your library using categories and projects to organize notes.
  • Turn notes into checklists, upload images and link attachments to each note for easy reference.
  • Link notes to calendar entries in the Apple calendar or sync with the Reminders app.
  • Apply custom tags to help organize, filter and easily search your notes.
  • Search using dates, tags, people or keyword text.
  • Import iOS Notes or Evernote files and export Agenda projects and notes as a PDF or HTML.
  • Flag notes using Agenda’s dots to easily put them on your agenda.
  • Integrates with the Safari browser and can automatically pull in calendar events, reminders and relevant notes.
  • Includes a helpful, visual tutorial to orient new users.
  • Feature-rich free version with premium available to access reusable templates, save searches and more.


  • Only available on iOS at the time of this review.

Bottom Line: Part journal, part checklist, Agenda is designed to help organize your notes by date. Comparable to other note-taking apps, Agenda is ideal for the generalist looking to combine Apple notes, to-do lists and calendar tasks into a simple journal entry-style platform.

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