Aloe Bud (iOS version 1.01)

Aloe Bud (iOS version 1.01) -Synopsis of the App: Aloe Bud is a simple self-care app that lets users check in, reflect on a variety of activities and save the results. It’s known as the “self-care pocket companion.”

Price and Platform: Free. Apple only.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Super simple to use with a happy, retro vibe and design.
  • Choose from a variety activity cards including hydrate, move, breathe, health, break, rest, fuel, refresh, stimulate and motivate.
  • Establish a routine with reminders; write your own customized motivational reminders in the premium version. Premium also has access to more in-depth and motivating reminders.
  • View recent check-ins and time logs for each reflection with a mini text preview.
  • Engage in exercises such as brief breathing activities under the “breathe” tab to help reduce stress or calm anxiety.
  • Link out to mental health resources.
  • Aloe Bud instructs users to dial 911 in an emergency and includes frequently asked questions to help navigate the site.


  • The simple, retro and whimsical design will be fun for some, but the pixelated appearance may be a turn-off for users desiring more depth.

Bottom Line: With a light and cheerful design and gentle reminders to engage in mini acts of self-care during the day, Aloe Bud is ideal for users who need a break but don’t take themselves too seriously.

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