Balance (iOS Version 1.34.0)

Balance (iOS Version 1.34.0) -Synopsis: Balance is the world’s first personalized meditation audio program that adapts to you.

Price and Platform: 7-Day Free Trial + $69.99/year premium. iOS and Android.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Polished, pleasant and user-friendly app design with comforting narration.
  • Begins with a detailed user questionnaire to immediately help personalize the meditation program experience.
  • Select and rank priority goals such as reduce stress, improve sleep, improve mood or increase focus.
  • Identify and narrow down distractions and assess the degree of difficulty in finishing tasks or procrastination.
  • Offers a range of meditation experiences tailored for beginner to experienced meditators and options to meditate morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Opt in or out of daily meditation reminders.
  • Creates a personalized foundations plan program based on your goals and assessment.
  • Includes guided meditations and quick exercises targeting anxiety to quiet worries and build skills.
  • Offers short exercises for midday resets, visualizations, walking meditations, timed nature sounds and more.
  • The premium Balance program includes a library of meditations for stress and sleep, to tackle skills such as gratitude, and new monthly meditations.
  • Offers ongoing personalization with daily questions to further customize your meditation plan.
  • Select your preferred meditation duration, starting with a brief three minutes for beginners.
  • Tap into the Balance coach for guidance during your first 10 days in the app.
  • Learn and practice techniques to help focus your attention one task at a time.
  • Train your focus with learned skills to help you concentrate better when not meditating.
  • Balance uses calm and encouraging voices that normalize the difficulty in starting a meditation practice but also motivate by acknowledging the progress the user makes with each meditation session.
  • Opt for a supportive masculine (Ofosu) or feminine (Leah) voice for each guided meditation.
  • Includes breathing exercises and easy ways to practice from wherever you are.
  • Includes a sleep tab with activities to help you fall asleep or wind down before bed.


  • Requires an email login to participate and access your personalized plan.
  • Graphics are not gender neutral.

Bottom Line: Great for anyone wanting to get into a regular meditation practice, including experienced meditators but especially for anyone new to the practice, Balance lives up to its promise as the meditation program that adapts to you.

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