Cosmic Kids (Version iOS 6.320.1)

Cosmic Kids (Version iOS 6.320.1) -Synopsis: Cosmic Kids is a yoga and mindfulness app for kids.

Price and Platform: Free trial. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Colorful and cheerful space that welcomes kids with a fun atmosphere.
  • Activities are led by a spirited yoga teacher who cheerfully engages kids throughout each 15-minute lesson.
  • Includes meditations to help kids relax, calm down or get focused.
  • Users can explore thumbnails and video descriptions before starting a subscription (but cannot access the content).
  • Includes fun and engaging meditations and yoga sessions, such as the popular “10 minutes to bed” session and the more active Calypso the Flamingo yoga adventure.
  • Offers more than 50 yoga adventures including some set to “Frozen,” “Star Wars” and “Moana” themes.
  • Kids can partake in hours of mindfulness and guided relaxation sessions in the Zen Den and up their yoga skills using Cosmic Kids’ Yoga Pose universe clips, stories and songs.
  • Includes explanations for each yoga pose.


  • Must subscribe using an auto-renewing subscription plan in order to get the 14-day free trial — meaning you have to be sure to cancel the subscription to avoid being charged.
  • Similar content can be accessed on the popular Youtube channel under the same name. So the $64.99 per year price tag may not be worth it for some.

Bottom Line: Cosmic Kids is a bright and cheerful app that’s ideal for kids who need an outlet or fun way to improve balance, focus and awareness.

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