Down Dog (iOS version 3.7.0)

Down Dog (iOS version 3.7.0) -Synopsis of the App: Down Dog is a highly customizable yoga app for beginner to advanced yogis.

Price and Platform: Free trial. Apple and Android

RDN Score: 5/5


  • High-quality video and images.
  • Includes a required health disclaimer and warning before using the app.
  • Instruction is specific and fluid with great audio and visuals.
  • Easily select practice level preferences from complete vinyasa practice to a quick flow, or choose a restorative practice with a focus on stretching and relaxation.
  • Set experience level from introduction and beginner levels to advanced.
  • Adjust music volume and type from alternative beats to ambient tunes or piano and strings (or practice with no music at all).
  • Customize the experience with English or Sanskrit pose names, change the pace and determine whether to boost core or back strength during a specific yoga session.
  • Adjust level, type of practice type, length, focus area, time in resting posture aka savasana (up to 15 minutes), voice personalities from around the world, music, pace, visuals and instruction.
  • Save favorite practices to replay with ease or download to your device to easily practice offline.
  • Connect to Apple Health and Google Fit.
  • Available in eight languages.
  • Get three free classes in the free trial. Rates start at $7.99 per month to $249.99 for a lifetime membership.


  • Requires an internet connection or cellular data to access most content.
  • Requires sign-up using Google, Facebook or email to get started.

Bottom Line: Down Dog provides a custom yoga experience from anywhere. One of the easiest to use and complete yoga apps on the market, it’s a convenient and adjustable way to start or maintain a yoga practice.

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