Edo Agenda (iOS version 1.8991)

Edo Agenda (iOS version 1.8991) -Synopsis of the App: Edo Agenda is an all-in-one personal organizer with a motto to “organize your day with creativity.” It combines calendar, note-taking and task management in one convenient app.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple, Android and Web.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Sleek, user-friendly design with pleasant colors and fonts.
  • Add and view all daily content including the calendar, tasks, to-do lists, projects and notes from the home screen.
  • Easily input tasks and personalize the experience with colors and alerts.
  • View the big picture using the planner that lets you see what you’ve done and what remains.
  • Sync, share and move unfinished tasks to another day with ease.
  • Quickly find tasks using the convenient search tool.
  • Sync with Google Calendar.
  • Integrates with Siri.
  • Enjoy a seamless experience across Apple, Android and web devices.
  • Toggle through different calendar views to find the one that works best.
  • Sign in with a Google account or create a new account using an email address.
  • Unlock advanced features such as priorities, unfinished task automation, custom color palettes and increased cloud storage with the premium upgrade.


  • Requires an email address and name to sign up, which may invite security concerns.
  • Limited integration with other calendars and platforms.
  • Notable grammatical errors in the copy throughout the app.

Bottom Line: Edo Agenda is a comprehensive task-management app that’s easy to use. It’s ideal for freelancers or anyone with multiple tasks to manage.

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