Focus@Will (iOS version 23.1.4)

Focus@Will (iOS version 23.1.4) -Synopsis of the App: Using neuroscience, your own personality traits and music, Focus@Will can help you become more productive at work.

Price and Platform: Free + Free trial. Apple, Android and Web.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Easy setup grants quick access to musical selections in just a few clicks.
  • Good sound quality and relaxing imagery with no advertisements.
  • More than 25 channels and tens of thousands of hours of music tracks.
  • Use the channel recommender to find which channel is best for you. It considers age, gender, daily intake of stimulants such as coffee and chocolate, and other variables including how much you trust others and handle stress.
  • Select from low, medium and high energy levels and 12 different focus tracks including classical, up-tempo, ambient, focus spa and water themes.
  • Use the productivity tracker to view your progress in staying focused.
  • Unlike streaming entertainment sites, Focus@Will offers proprietary music channels designed to work with different brain types. It claims to increase concentration, efficacy and overall happiness whenever you’re working.
  • Channels are curated using scientists, musicologists and producers.
  • Includes a research white paper and literature citations for anyone to review on the app’s website.
  • Listen on a blue-tooth speaker, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.


  • You must authorize the subscription before experiencing the free trial, which requires cancellation to avoid being charged the $9.99 monthly fee after two weeks.
  • App doesn’t continuously play in the background when switching tasks on the phone.

Bottom Line: With a science-backed bank of tens of thousands of hours of music, Focus@Will offers an audible way to block out many distractions we face each day at work.

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