Keleya Pregnancy App (Version iOS 5.3.2)

Keleya Pregnancy App (Version iOS 5.3.2) -Synopsis: Keleya is a pregnancy symptom and wellness tracker complete with recipes and fitness and meditation activities.

Price and Platform: Free with premium option. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Lovely and inviting aesthetic to immediately bring about calmness and instill confidence.
  • Designed and led by gynecologists, midwives, therapists, coaches and pre- and postnatal yoga practitioners.
  • Includes pregnancy exercises, Pilates and yoga designed to encourage fitness and strength through pregnancy and birth.
  • Includes meditation and breathing exercises to help reduce anxiety and encourage relaxation.
  • Watch daily videos and listen to podcasts and get tips from midwives.
  • Users can personalize pregnancy exercises for their personal needs and stage of pregnancy.
  • Uncover recipes to help fill nutrition gaps and avoid heartburn and other common issues.
  • Accommodates a variety of diet needs including vegan recipes.
  • Free download with a premium option available for personalized content.
  • Upgrade to premium to log symptoms and set up a coach for weekly workouts tailored for you.
  • Some insurance providers will reimburse the app’s digital birth preparation course.


  • Must create an account with an associated name and email address.
  • The app freezes at times and might need a bit more time for developers to work out the bugs.

Bottom Line: Although it’s easy to find apps to guide you through 40 weeks of pregnancy, Keleya Pregnancy App is ideal for those seeking pregnancy-specific fitness and meditation guidance, too.

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