LIFE Intelligence (Version iOS 1.2.11)

LIFE Intelligence (Version iOS 1.2.11) -Synopsis: Based on science, LIFE Intelligence is designed to help you solve problems, relieve stress and anxiety, work productively and build relationships.

Price and Platform: Free with paid option. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • With a promise to master your mood and change your life in five minutes a day, LIFE provides an emotional management toolkit in your pocket.
  • LIFE offers self-development tools and lessons on a variety of topics including self-awareness and emotional intelligence, goals, values and habits, time management, relationships, communications and conflict resolution, stress management, and leadership and motivation.
  • Users can select target areas to optimize and work through at their own pace or go through activities for immediate problem solving.
  • Includes a mood tracker, mood-management exercises, journaling prompts, relationship questions and analytics to support learning and track progress.
  • Includes an AI-driven bot to help with onboarding and navigating content.
  • Includes interactive tools, such as the emotions wheel, and prompts to help you master whatever mood you’re in and continue learning.
  • Content lessons are well-presented and include citations and prompts for journaling and logging thoughts at appropriate times.
  • Subscribe to manage unlimited moods and access the complete LIFE Intelligence curriculum. Includes more than 100 comprehensive lessons, new content updates and more than 80 interactive exercises.


  • Must sign up using an email address and the app’s privacy disclosures are not fully clear in terms of what “other data” it tracks.
  • LIFE uses a mission and journey theme, complete with an avatar in an astronaut suit. This may work for some but can be distracting to others.

Bottom Line: This highly informative and engaging app is ideal for those who are ready for a little self-discovery and personal growth.

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