Marigold (Version iOS 2.2.4)

Marigold (Version iOS 2.2.4) -Synopsis: The Marigold app is a self-help confidence coach for women.

Price and Platform: Free 7-day trial with premium options starting at $39.99/year. Apple only.

RDN Score: 4/5


  • Pleasant aesthetic and user-friendly design.
  • Listen to expert advice from more than 40 confidence coaches on personal growth, financial sureness and public speaking confidence.
  • Access a library of personal growth, relationship and career programs (limited in the free version).
  • Select from 15 areas in which to build confidence during onboarding. Marigold tackles many topics and goals related to making money, speaking publicly, working out, living healthfully, feeling worthy and body image.
  • Onboarding assessment asks about your overall confidence on a Likert scale to establish a baseline.
  • The app recommends targeted sessions based on the onboarding questionnaire results. Audio sessions are brief, upbeat, empathetic and motivating with actionable tips and takeaways.
  • Explore the prompts available in the guided confidence journal for ongoing practice.
  • Join the paid plan to access more than 350 confidence-boosting audio sessions and personalized programs.
  • There is a free seven-day trial. Pricing is $39.99 per year or $7.99 per month.


  • Must sign up with an email address and name before accessing any app information or details.
  • App prompts you to upgrade to the premium service after every session.

Bottom Line: Although you must subscribe to the paid version for the full experience and results, Marigold is ideal for those seeking to increase their confidence in a variety of different areas.

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