Pinch It! Recipe Box (iOS Version 0.5.3)

Pinch It! Recipe Box (iOS Version 0.5.3) -Synopsis of the App: Pinch It! Recipe Box lets you save and organize online recipes from anywhere.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 3/5


  • Uses an exclusive Google recipe search so queries only return recipes from food sites and blogs.
  • Save your favorite recipes in one click.
  • Create and organize recipes in folders using meals, diet or occasion — any title you prefer.
  • Option to share and post your own recipes to the Pinch It! database to be shared with other users.
  • Lists trending saved recipes to increase ease of discovery.
  • Does not display full recipe instructions, but it does share ingredients within the app.
  • Access saved recipes from any device (including desktop) by simply logging in.
  • Easily share recipe links with family and friends.
  • Access the Pinch It! website to build custom meal plans and create cloud-based grocery lists.


  • Advertisements on every page compete for the user’s attention.
  • Inconsistent photography styles and lighting add to the clutter making for a somewhat cluttered appearance.
  • Trending recipes are not influenced by user preferences, so users might spend additional time sifting through recipes that are not a good fit.

Bottom Line: Although it lacks the user experience of more established platforms such as Pinterest, Pinch It! is ideal for people who want to simply save and organize recipes and who can ignore advertisements on mobile.

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Marisa Moore
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