StrongHer (iOS Version 1.1.5)

StrongHer (iOS Version 1.1.5) -Synopsis of the App: StrongHer is a workout app designed especially for women.

Price and Platform: Free. Apple and Android.

RDN Score: 2/5


  • Attractive app design with clear, well-produced videos of each exercise along with written step-by-step instructions.
  • Offers three fitness levels and three different plan intensities ranging from two to seven workouts per week. Users can set a goal for weight loss, muscle gain or simply being fitter.
  • Choose from the At Home or Gym programs using standard gym equipment including the elliptical for cardio or bench weights for strength training.
  • Connect to streaming music services or a personal playlists during activity.
  • Easily skip parts of exercise routines, pause workouts and listen for the bell to prompt you to change to a new activity.
  • Exercises include a proper warm-up and cool-down.
  • Stay motivated with weekly challenges.
  • Save photos and track additional data including water and basic food intake, weight and personal anthropometrics including waist, bust and hip measures.
  • Easily add workouts to a mobile calendar.
  • Links to the Apple Health Kit with options to select what data the app can store.
  • Includes a 7-day free trial period (rates start at $14.49/month to $89.99/year).


  • No details on the maker’s credentials in exercise physiology or nutrition.
  • Users can skip but cannot rearrange the exercise order in a workout, which is problematic if the machine you need is not available at the gym, for example.
  • In addition to a few grammatical errors, the food and nutrition content contains significant gaps and misinformation.
  • StrongHer contains language that may be triggering to some users such as “I work out to eat what I want when I want,” and also requires height and weight inputs to access the app.

Bottom Line: Gaps and misinformation in the food and nutrition content aside, StrongHer is ideal for women looking to work out from anywhere at anytime.

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Marisa Moore
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