Sweat Deck (iOS Version 1.8.2)

Sweat Deck (iOS Version 1.8.2) -Synopsis: Sweat Deck is designed to help you mix up your fitness routine with an endless combination of workout ideas using a digital deck of cards.

Price and Platform: Free + premium option. iOS only.

RDN Score: 3/5


  • Assign an exercise group to the hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades and prepare to do the next exercise.
  • Shuffle the digital deck to get a new fitness routine and endless combinations of workout ideas.
  • Includes a list of common exercises, which include video demonstrations.
  • Sweat Deck speaks the rep count and exercises aloud.
  • Pull the Joker and add an extra challenge with a different exercise.
  • Adjust your workout intensity up to 3x the reps and run the deck 3x multiplier.
  • Upgrade to the pro version to time your workouts, track your progress and workout history, and create custom exercises and additional exercises.
  • Includes a variety of exercises from air squats to burpees and diamond pushups to planks.


  • May take a little while to figure out how to use the deck, and there may be a learning curve to perform all of the different exercises.
  • Must stop a workout to tap to change cards.
  • Must have the pro version to integrate with the Apple Health App.

Bottom Line: Ideal for those who want to mix up their fitness routine, Sweat Deck offers infinite exercise combinations to work up a sweat.

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Marisa Moore
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