TickTick (iOS Version 5.7.22)

TickTick (iOS Version 5.7.22) -Synopsis of the App: TickTick is a productivity app that also encourages a bit of daily creativity.

Price and Platform: Free. iOS and Android.

RDN Score: 5/5


  • Clean, cheerful aesthetic inspires productivity and organization from the start.
  • TickTick invites new users to create tasks around work and/or personal, shopping, learning, wish-listing, fitness or birthdays.
  • Customize the display by showing or hiding the calendar, focus, habit, search and settings options on the tab bar.
  • Combine business and personal tasks in one place to keep life organized.
  • Set reminders and create habits out of recurring to-do tasks, so you don’t have to think about things that happen each week.
  • Includes flexible and smart lists, tags and auto-populating lists to make it easy to stay organized.
  • Includes a Pomo timer or stopwatch option to help users stay focused.
  • Use the “habit” feature to develop and track a habit.
  • Add tasks by voice or configure shortcuts and subscribe to local calendars to automatically add events to your calendar.
  • Set priority levels and hashtag entries to group and easily find them later.
  • Offers five different calendar views for a bit of personalization.
  • Sync TickTick across all devices from Mac, iPhone and iPad, Windows devices, to Android tablets and phones and across the web.
  • Includes a tutorial showing how to use the app, plus tips and tricks for efficiency.
  • Collaborate with others on projects, tasks and calendars.


  • It may take a few swipes to fully realize all that TickTick has to offer, so allow time to fully onboard.

Bottom Line: Ideal for anyone seeking an agile productivity tool, TickTick is jam-packed with features to stay organized.

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Marisa Moore
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