Apple (Free; currently available for iPhone, iPod and iPad)

2 out of 5

Synopsis of the App
Thryve is marketed as a mobile food coach. Originally designed as a way to identify food intolerances, Thryve captures what and how much you eat and your mood after a meal. This information is used to make recommendations for what you should eat more and less of in each food group.


  • Strips away the focus on calories typically seen in health apps.
  • Provides a visually appealing log of meals and a way to track mood around mealtimes.
  • No advertisements in the version reviewed.


  • Sign up requires an email address and some basic personal information.
  • There's no guidance on "how" to use this app and it's not intuitive.
  • Meals cannot be edited without deleting them and starting over.
  • Minimalist design goes so far that it's not easy to understand the components and scoring system that may make this app more useful.
  • The scoring system is not clear or easy to understand and it's not immediately clear how to improve one's score.
  • The food database is extremely limited. For example: marinara sauce and peas fall into the "other" category.
  • Portions sizes are not well defined and may yield a large margin of error.

Bottom Line
This app is rough around the edges and doesn't deliver on the "coaching" promise as of yet. In its current stage, it's unlikely that Thryve will help the average consumer eat healthier or lose weight. It may however be helpful in tracking one's feelings around meal times.

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Marisa Moore
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